UPDATE: Read about Sketchpad 3.0

Introducing a new way to create graphics online. Sketchpad 2.0 is a non-destructive vector & image editor, built in HTML5, that you can start using right now, for free! I/O is for input and output, that means, any drawing you make can be shared, forked, and edited.

You can drag and drop images and SVGs into your browser to place them in your drawing. Then drag, resize and rotate. The time-machine feature provides unlimited undo/redo functionality. There’s a huge collection of fonts, graciously provided by those involved with the Google Fonts Directory—the text tool allows you to preview exactly what your text looks like, instead of editing and clicking “apply” over and over. The select tool allows you to edit any layer, and even do bulk operations, such as changing the color of multiple layers.

Want your own Sketchpad installation?  Sketchpad can be used for recoloring patterns for print or textile industries, drawing/photo competitions, customizing products, kids communities, collaging, or whatever else you can dream up, feel free to contact me with your project details.