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Artwork Submission

Want to submit the artwork you’ve made on Sketchpad?

We’d love to share your creations with our community to show all the ways Sketchpad can be used.

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* Please note that by submitting your work to us, you agree to it being shared on social media. We will contact you before posting your work and we will provide you with credit in the form of a hashtag, website link back, and/or social media username mention.

Feature Spotlight

Like last month, we will spotlight a unique feature available on Sketchpad to help expand and inspire your creativity.

This month we’re talking about the Fur Brush! It’s friendly and furry, so give it a shot on your next design.

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Coming soon…

Get ready because Sketchpad 2020 is almost ready to be released.

We’ll be inviting users to participate in our open beta test of Sketchpad 2020 this summer so keep an eye out for an email invitation soon. Sketchpad 2020 includes many upgrades like better group support, Google Classroom integration, and an improved User Guide with example lesson plans and videos!

Remember to reach out to us anytime by emailing [email protected] with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions about Sketchpad. We love hearing how you’re doing and we’ve expanded our team to reply to the abundance of messages we’ve been receiving. Keep them coming and we’ll send you a personal reply as soon we can!