SketchAPI Integrations

The SketchAPI allows Sketchpad to be customized and embedded into your website in a variety of ways. You can choose to integrate Sketchpad as a full-screen app, embed it on your website via an iframe, or get access to the self-hosted JavaScript and CSS files. All methods allow you to configure drawing tools you want, use your own clipart, choose a theme, and submit user files directly to your server.

Cloud Hosted

With the Cloud Hosted SketchAPI integration, your instance is configured for you and available online at a unique URL. Download the demo integration files for several examples of how Sketchpad can be customized and embedded onto your website.


1 Month1 Year
5,000 monthly viewsFrom $49.95From $599
25,000 monthly viewsFrom $99.95From $1,199
100,000 monthly viewsFrom $199.95From $2,399

* Cloud Hosted bills automatically each month or year until cancelled and pricing scales based on usage tier and is subject to the SketchAPI License Agreement.


The self hosted version of the SketchAPI is installed on your server as a minified JavaScript and CSS files. This method provides you more access to the SketchAPI and further customization using the SketchAPI JavaScript library. Check out the downloadable demos and online documentation for more information.


2 Domains
Unlimited Page Views
From $250From $2,999

* Self-Hosted bills automatically each month or year until cancelled and is subject to the SketchAPI License Agreement. Use the SketchAPI on up to two separate domains with no cap on monthly page views.

Sketchpad Customizations

Do you have an idea for how you want to Sketchpad that doesn’t fit in to the standard user interface? No problem! We have many examples of how we’ve worked with businesses to customize the SketchAPI to your needs. Custom Sketchpad integrations are billed at the self hosted SketchAPI rate in addition to an hourly fee of $150 / hr for any development work.

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