Sketchpad Premium for Education

Deploying Sketchpad Premium in an education environment provides students with a quality drawing app which allows them to share their work with teachers and peers. Anyone can use Sketchpad for free online with Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, or tablet devices with a modern web browser, but with Sketchpad Premium students get the enhanced ability to share reloadable templates.

Why Sketchpad Premium?


All Drawing Tools
Drawing Sharing
Template Sharing
Mac & PC App
Premium Support


3 Months1 Year
10 StudentsBuy $6.95Buy $9.95
40 StudentsBuy $10.95Buy $14.95
100 StudentsN/ABuy $34.95
500 StudentsN/ABuy $169.95
1,000 StudentsN/ABuy $199.95
5,000 StudentsN/ABuy $299.95